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My name is Tira Cole.

My interest in nutritional science and holistic wellness began in childhood. As an asthmatic child, I was very aware of how diet and lifestyle impacted my health.

When I left school, I was aware enough not to become a dietitian—one look at what patients were given to eat in hospital was all it took to realise that was not the right path for me. So, at university, my studies included biology and chemistry.

As a young mum, I fell into the high-stress world of IT (information technology). In addition to spending several years working as a test analyst, and as an editor for publishers of scientific and medical research journals, I trained and worked as an exercise teacher and energy healing practitioner, striving for some balance.

Although no longer asthmatic, I always felt like I should be feeling better than I did. My energy was low, I did not cope well with stress, and I suffered incredible mood swings, eventually diagnosed in my 30s as hypoglycaemia. My doctor’s advice: eat every 2–3 hours to keep my blood sugars stable, and for 14 years that is what I did. When I forgot, believe me, tears and tantrums meant everybody knew about it!

Over the years, I experimented with different ways of eating, and although some gave temporary improvement in my energy, it never lasted.

In my 40s, believing the world of IT was to blame for my eventual burnout, I went back to university to study environmental science, but my health did not pick up.

For about 4 years before discovering what my body was missing, I was eating in a way I believed was very healthy. I had cut out all processed foods, I didn’t eat sugar or drink alcohol, and yet I still struggled with unstable blood sugars and fatigue. Things had become so bad that merely washing my hair in the mornings completely exhausted me.

Time to get serious

It was then I began a personal mission to improve my health in a serious way. I studied with a US company that carried out training in functional lab test analysis, and through this training, I finally learned what my body needed. Red meat! My blood sugars instantly stabilised, and my energy levels improved overnight. In my mid-40s, my health was finally heading in the right direction.

In my early 50s, I started on a ketogenic diet to lose the sudden weight I had gained approaching menopause. The weight dropped off, but my anxiety, binge eating and digestive issues, which I had been suffering from on and off for most of my life, returned with a vengeance.

It was then I discovered the carnivore diet. It turns out that the ketogenic plan I was on was severely low in protein and high in plant foods that were bloating me. After just one day of only meat, my anxiety, binge eating and digestive issues were no more! Almost 4 years on, I feel younger now in my mid-50s than I ever did in my 20s.

Why Tira’s Corner?

Having restored my faith in the ability of the human body to heal and restore function, I became qualified as a nutritionist in the hope of helping others to reclaim their health. However, after feeling frustrated with the restrictions placed upon nutritionists by nutritional governing bodies, I felt I could not give my clients the advice they needed and have decided instead to lead people to health in a more authentic way (for me): by sharing my knowledge and experience here with those who are seeking it.

Many will not agree with my philosophies, and that is okay. If you resonate with what I have to say, follow me on 𝕏, Instagram or Facebook, as I will be writing as often as I am inspired to do so!

Yours in health


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