Be true to you (in health and all things)

13 February 2021

Are you being true to you?⁠

When it comes to our dietary and lifestyle choices, it can at times be difficult to stay true to ourselves.⁠

But when we have found what works for us, and our health takes a sudden dive if we deviate, we reach a point where we must stay true to ourselves and not give in to social pressures.⁠

I gave up drinking in my late 30s (I’m now 52). With only a couple of exceptions where I caved to social pressure and sat on one drink for an entire evening, I’ve been alcohol free since. I’ve been judged. I’ve been ridiculed. I’ve been made to feel like a social outcast. But you know what? It only made me realise who my friends are, whose friendships no longer served me and what kinds of human interaction I enjoy (ie deep and meaningful rather than superficial).⁠

My dietary choices have resulted in a similar experience. “Oh”, people would say, “One won’t kill you!” “One muffin…” “One piece of cake…” Well, I’m sorry, but just one bite of any of those would have me stuck in their bathroom for a week. That was a tip by the way. People will back off when you tell them that! In my case it was truth. But, why are we made to feel guilty for not accepting offers of food that someone has “lovingly” prepared for us? ⁠

If those around you do not respect your choices, then find people who do. If it is difficult right now due to social restrictions, then connect online. There are many online groups where you can connect with people of like minds. 

Ask yourself, are you being true to you? 

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About Tira

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