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Tira’s guide to carnivore

Many use the carnivore diet as an elimination diet for a few months, and then gradually add plant foods back in to gauge their body’s reaction to those foods.

Others feel so incredible eating this way andΒ heal so many ailmentsΒ that they choose it as a permanent way of life.

There are many ways to do carnivore. The following is what I recommend.

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Before you begin: If you are not currently low carb or keto, or if your current diet is high in leafy greens and other high oxalate foods, please take a few weeks to cut back on the plant foods before starting the carnivore diet. Watch Prof Bart Kay explain why and how in a little over 7 minutes.

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1. Commit to 90 days

Commit to giving the diet a strict and solid go for at least 90 days.

Why strict? There might be some plant foods (yes, even herbs and spices) that your body is reacting to without you being aware of it. This can result in inflammation, inability to lose weight, digestive upset, aches and pains, low energy or impaired mental function. It is only when we remove all plant foods that we can truly assess the full effects of carnivore.

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Why 90 days? It can take your body time to adapt to the diet. Also, you don’t want to be giving up after a week or even a month just because your body was taking its time healing. Many people will experience some form of noticeable health improvement well within the 90 days, but I do encourage you to give yourself the full 90-day experience.

2. What to eat

Eat animal foods only.

No plant foods (no vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, spices or vegetable oils).

Examples of animal foods

  • Red meat: beef, lamb, goat, pork, game
  • White meat: turkey, chicken, seafood
  • Animal fats: fat trimmings, bone marrow, tallow, lard, duck fat
  • Organs: liver, kidney, heart
  • Eggs
  • Dairy: butter, ghee, cheese, cream (at least 33% fat)


  • Prioritise fatty meat, and add eggs and dairy as sides if desired.
  • You might choose to exclude dairy, especially cream as it does contain a few carbs.
  • If meat is lean, add fat in the form of fat trimmings, or butter or ghee (if tolerated).
  • Organs are optional (see Carnivore FAQs).
  • Salt to taste (see Carnivore FAQs).
  • You might choose the strictest form of carnivore, the Lion Diet, which is just fatty ruminant meat (beef, lamb), salt and water.

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Steak, butter & eggs

Steak, butter & scrambled eggs. Photo courtesy of New Dawn on 𝕏

3. How much & how often to eat

When hungry, eat until you are satisfied.

Don’t eat again until you are hungry.

You might end up naturally eating twice a day doing that, or maybe three times, or maybe only once.

You might end up eating 2 lb (1 kg) fatty meat per day. Maybe much more, maybe less. Don’t get hung up on numbers. Do NOT restrict! If you are hungry, eat (your body needs it!); if you are not, don’t!

Eating this way, there should be no need to snack. If you feel like you do need to snack, reassess your last meal. Did you eat enough? Was it fatty enough?

Carnivore meals. Images courtesy of Rob Montgomery on 𝕏

4. What to drink


If thirsty, drink water. If not, don’t!

Forcing yourself to drink a certain amount of water per day can lead to flushing out electrolytes, causing dehydration!

Bone broth

See Bone broth for benefits and recipe.

See Carnivore FAQs for more on water and electrolytes, and a note about coffee. No, coffee is not carnivore, but don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to give it up!

5. Get support

I recommend joining a carnivore support group, both for inspiration and accountability.

The Carnivore Diet community on 𝕏 is especially supportive.

Carnivore Diet community on 𝕏

6. After the 90 days

By the end of 90 days, if you have followed this guide, you should have a good idea of how you wish to carry on.

If you are feeling great, you might not want to change anything.

You might feel you need to tweak things by removing dairy or trying higher fat or lower protein, for example.

Or, if you were treating this as an elimination diet, you might decide to reintroduce a few plants.

I would love for you to connect and let me know your experience!

Carnivore meals. Images courtesy of Cary Kelly on 𝕏

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