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Photos above courtesy of Rob Montgomery on 𝕏

Help raise awareness of the healing benefits of the carnivore lifetyle

Go to the Carnivore Diet Movie website

1. Support the Carnivore Diet Movie

Kerry Mann is wanting to produce the best documentary he can on the carnivore lifestyle, sharing real-life examples of those embarking on their carnivore journey.

You can help by registering to participate in the movie and/or by donating funds.

Submit your success story to the website

2. Share your carnivore diet success story

Dr Shawn Baker’s website lists 1000+ carnivore success stories.

You can apply to have your story published on the website, and you can also apply for a podcast interview.

Share your inspirational story for Doctor Kiltz's social media pages

3. Share your inspirational story for Doctor Kiltz’s social media pages

Fill in a form to have Doctor Kiltz share your story on his social media pages.

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Help spread the word that meat is healthy and not bad for the environment

Sirloin steak

Sirloin steak. Photo courtesy of Rob Montgomery on 𝕏

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