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Carnivores in the kitchen!

Many like to keep it simple: steak or mince (ground beef), perhaps with added butter, eggs and cheese.

Others prefer a bit of variety.

Others like a little bit of fancy!

Here are some recipes and tips to inspire. Be sure to give these creative cooks a follow!

Butter “mayo” / Lazy man’s hollandaise

eggs, butter mayo & prosciutto

See previous recipe for the butter mayo.

Egg yolk “chaffles” (yaffles)

Egg muffins

Egg yolk omelette

Egg salad

Carnivore crack

Delicious with butter mayo:

Pork rinds/cracking

Baked bacon

Triple Smash Cheeseburger

Juicy Lucy pounder

Halloumi sliders

Beef cracklins

Easy ground beef (mince)

Easy soup

First make the broth.

Hamburger hash

Carnivore “noodles”

Striploin roast

Prime rib roast

Picanha (top sirloin caprump coverrump cap, or culotte)

Carnivore gravy

Pro tips for choosing steaks

Pro tip: Caring for knives

Pro tip: Buy roasts over steaks

How to dry brine

Beef back ribs

See previous recipe for dry brining.

Beef chuck riblets

Carnivore crumb/breading (for anything)

Carnivore burger bun

Cheesevoir pizza

Carnivore breakfast pizza

Steamed egg pudding

The following is the same recipe using an Instapot (pressure cooker).

Unsweetened icecream / frozen custard

Brown butter

Coffee-free brown-butter latte

See previous recipe for the brown butter.

I have made this with plain melted butter (not browned) and still love it, as long as my glass is filled with ice!


See following recipe for the broth.

Bone broth

Photos courtesy of New Dawn on 𝕏

Bone broth is rich in minerals, including phosphorus and magnesium, which are in a form that is much easier to digest than any plant source.

It also contains gelatine, which is broken-down collagen. Gelatine contains the amino acid glycine, which enhances stomach acid secretions as well as a healthy stomach lining. Gelatine also absorbs water, enhancing intestinal health.

The electrolytes and other minerals contained in bone broth can be a very useful tonic during the adaptation stage of the carnivore diet.

Obtain some bones from the butcher. If you tell the butcher you are making broth, they will cut the bones up for you. Good bones to ask for are cannon bones – the butcher will cut the bones to expose the marrow. Other great choices are oxtail, necks, chicken carcass and chicken feet – both oxtail and chicken feet make an incredibly tasty and gelatinous broth. You can also save any bones from your meals and throw them straight into the freezer until bone-broth-making day.


  • Begin by dry roasting your bones. This will enhance the flavour of the broth. There is no need to thaw the bones first.
  • Once the bones are golden brown, place them, along with all the juices, into a pressure cooker or slow cooker.
  • Fill to maximum capacity with boiling filtered water and a little salt. The salt is optional – I prefer to add afterwards, to taste.
  • Pressure cook for 4–5 hours, or slow cook for 24–48 hours. If using oxtail or necks, you can stop the cooking process and remove the meat part way through cooking to have with a meal. Yum!


  • Allow the broth to cool a little before straining into jars.
  • Once cooled, cover and place in the fridge. The fat will rise to the surface and solidify and will help to seal in and preserve the broth. The chilled broth should be gelatinous, but if it isn’t, do not worry, it will still be highly nutritious.
  • Alternatively, freeze the cooled broth in ice-cube trays and once frozen store in a container or bag in the freezer.

How to use broth

  • Eat cold from the spoon.
  • Heat up a cupful, or depending on its strength, you can place just a little in a cup and top up with boiling water. Salt to taste.
  • Heat up as a soup base and add either raw meat and cook, or leftover meat and heat. Salt to taste.
  • Make a brothsicle!


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Eggs with butter mayo, yaffles & prime rib. Photo courtesy of New Dawn on 𝕏

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