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Watch "The Global War on Farmers"

“We traveled the WORLD to figure out what’s behind the GLOBAL war on farmers, as well as the truth behind the push to get people to EAT THE BUGS. If you want to find out about the coming Global Food Crisis and what you can do about it, don’t miss this episode.”

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Please Help Maggie the Rancher!

Dr Anthony Chaffee, MD

Maggie, an 82-year-old rancher from Canada, is in trouble!  With soaring hay prices, Maggie is unable to afford to winter her animals and is faced with losing half of her herd in order to afford feed for the rest, or selling off even more of her land, which is a desperate option. Losing half her herd means that it will take years to rebuild, and she will suffer further hardships due to further reduced income.

Go to "The PRIME act: Decentralizing meat processing"

The PRIME Act, or the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act, aims to decentralise meat processing by allowing state-level regulations to govern custom slaughter facilities. This article explains why decentralising meat processing is beneficial for both consumers and producers.

Go to "Behind the Beef Smear: Is Eating Less Meat Really About Saving the Planet?"

“They’re trying to take the animal and the soil out of our consumption model,” argues Texas Slim, “and turn it into something that’s grown and produced in labs.”

Go to "Bureaucrats Are Killing Agriculture In The Name Of Global Warming"

“Countries around the world are imposing on agriculture outlandish taxes and restrictions on emissions of greenhouse gases.  Farmers are being forced to return to primitive forms of agriculture and even to reduce the numbers of their livestock.”

Go to "Techno-optimism run amok… George Monbiot’s latest delusion"

This is an excellent article explaining the delusion behind lab grown meat.

Go to "The Success of NGO American Prairie Depends Upon the Eradication of Family Farms, Ranches and Rural Communities"

American Prairie intends to rewild millions of contiguous acres in north-central Montana. The project is centered on the reestablishment of large, free-roaming, “genetically pure” herds of bison over millions of acres.

Its success depends entirely upon the eradication of hundreds of family farms and ranches in the area.

As 80% of their land purchases have been funded by fewer than 10 donors—many of them foreign, American Praire is little more than an elaborate scheme to create a theme park to fulfill the Wild West fantasies of the ultra-wealthy.

“Here’s the kicker — every time a family moves off the land and exits this incredible agricultural business we know and love, it creates a dangerous and vulnerable position for our food supply.”

Go to "In Lone Cone's Shadow"

The Snyder family of Colorado has worked with sheep spanning three centuries.

Now, their ranch is just one of thousands darkened by the shadow of uncertainty.

“Methane is a major problem for New Zealand? It’s a potent greenhouse gas? We have to set harsh targets and cutbacks? Right??? Wrong!!!! It is a mostly a deception – the Methane Deception.”

Real methane science in simple terms, and the false science resulting in the  IPCC exaggerating ruminant methane’s warming ability by a massive 300% to 400%.

Go to "Meat Matters"

Meat Matters – Making the case for a valuable food in a hostile environment

Frédéric Leroy, Frits Heinrich, Michael RF Lee & Kim Willems
  • There is an ongoing trend towards unbalanced communications and anti-meat militancy in media and academic and policy circles
  • Minimising livestock beyond a critical threshold may come with unintended harmful effects on nutrient security, ecosystems, and livelihoods
  • The ‘Dublin Declaration of Scientists on the Societal Role of Livestock’ serves as petition for pragmatism, caution, and evidence-based policies

🔴Must Watch: You Are Being Robbed!

Anthony Chaffee MD

Everyone needs to know about this! People need to be given back their property rights, and we need to stop this sort of encroachment into slavery and serfdom of the people. This is not just about land owners, this is about your own freedom and the freedom of your children.

Rancher and Carnivore for 65+ Years! (You Will Not Believe Her Age!)

Anthony Chaffee MD interviews Maggie White

Dr Anthony Chaffee talks with Maggie White (rancher and carnivore for more than 65 years) about the threats to the future of ranching.

By the way, Maggie is 82 and still able to work 14 hours in -40 degree weather to care for her herd!

Groundswell Radio

Hosted by Peter Williams. Real yarns with real down to earth Kiwis about urban and rural issues. Bringing town and country together. Go to Groundswell Radio

Go to "Hope Below Our Feet"

Save meat!

The future of meat and our freedom to eat it is at stake

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