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Visit 50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green is a group of volunteers concerned about the future of New Zealand and New Zealand’s food and natural fibre security.

“We are asking the government to stop the blanket planting of good farmland immediately.  We are not against planting trees, nor against forestry.  We do believe in the right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose.”

Visit 8.9ha

“Land management—for food, farming, fashion, forestry and amenity—is central to human success.  But a prevailing narrative that pitches farmers and other investors in land as the enemy is stifling goodwill and innovation.  We need to move past it.”

Visit ALEPH2020

“The ALEPH2020 initiative (Animal source foods and Livestock: Ethics, Planet, and Human health) was launched at the end of 2020 by a broad international and interdisciplinary consortium of 40+ scientific experts.”

This website discusses the controversies related to the production and consumption of animal source foods, addressing the topics of ethics (animal health), sustainability (planetary health), and nutrition (human health).

Visit CO2 Coalition

The CO2 Coalition “seeks to engage in an informed and dispassionate discussion of climate change, humans’ role in the climate system, the limitations of climate models, and the consequences of mandated reductions in CO2 emissions.”

Amazing resource! Please do check it out!

Visit Eva Vlaardingerbroek on Substack
Visit Eva Vlaardingerbroek on Substack

“Our farmers are fighting against the worst kind of injustice: a government that has turned on its own people.

The government created a lie to rob our farmers of their land. But we won’t let it happen. Our Dutch farmers are an example to the world.”

~Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Visit FARM

“FARM was started by a group of farmers, scientists and interested rural persons concerned about the way Ruminant Methane was being misrepresented. The group wanted to challenge and correct many of the claims that are being made about Ruminant Methane especially as the Government moves to tax these emissions.”

Visit Farm Action

“Farm Action leads the fight against monopolistic corporate control over our food and farming system. We are joined in our movement by farmers, ranchers, rural communities, workers, policymakers, advocates, and anyone who eats.”

Visit Groundswell NZ

Groundswell NZ is a grassroots volunteer-driven advocacy group seeking a halt to, and rewrite of, unworkable regulations which unfairly impact farmers and rural communities.

Visit NoTricksZone

A collection of articles on agriculture (as a category under climate and energy) that question the narrative.

Visit Protect the Harvest

Protect the Harvest was created to defend and preserve American freedoms and to support farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners.

R-CALF USA is the largest cattle producer-only trade association dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the US cattle and sheep industries.
Visit RAN

The Rural Advocacy Network is focused on advocating for farmers and rural communities.

“We want to see regulatory approaches that work collaboratively with the people who have their hands in soil, to achieve the best outcomes for New Zealand for generations to come.”

Visit Regenetarianism

From Regenetarianism’s 𝕏 profile: “Writer, researcher, retired food industry consultant & unabashed NERD exploring the connections betw soil & nutritional science + botany & atmospheric chemistry.”

Save meat!

The future of meat and our freedom to eat it is at stake

Photo courtesy of Daniel Clark on 𝕏

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