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Many cultures throughout history and across the world have eaten meat-heavy, if not meat-only, diets. This webpage showcases such cultures with quotes about their dietary practices, showing that humans can not only survive but thrive, on a diet composed primarily of animal-based foods.

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How many times have you heard the following?

“Humans can’t digest meat: it rots in the colon.”

“Meat takes 4–7 days to digest.”

Like most propaganda, it’s not just false, it’s an inversion of truth.

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This article addresses the following four questions:

  • How vital was the place of animal source foods in pre-agricultural diets?
  • Do we know how much was consumed in pre-agricultural diets?
  • How did the agricultural transition affect the intake of animal source foods?
  • The industrial transition: meat is back on the menu – but what changed?
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This article addresses the following three questions:

  • Why is an evolutionary perspective relevant for nutritional theory?
  • Which anatomical adaptations reflect the evolutionary importance of animal source foods?
  • Which metabolic adaptations reflect the evolutionary importance of animal source foods?

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This is yet another instance of real science being silenced.

Cholesterol & death rates from heart disease

This is a one-minute clip.

See also my blog post: Busting the cholesterol myths.

I’ve been asked many times about vitamin C and the carnivore diet. Amber O’Hearn goes way more into the science than I have in my Carnivore FAQs.

Be sure to read the entire thread.

Honey is a controversial topic in the carnivore community.

I am with Amber O’Hearn on this. Honey has no place in the carnivore diet.

Be sure to read the entire thread.

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Suffering from bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, or abdominal pain?

If you are eating lots of “healthy” foods like chia puddings, spinach salads, and kale smoothies, learn why that might be a bad idea.

Nutritional Values of Pastured Poultry and Eggs

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

This web page includes links to research showing pastured poultry to be more nutrient dense compared to non-pastured chicken and eggs, specifically in terms of higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

How Does Pork Prepared in Various Ways Affect the Blood?

How Does Pork Prepared in Various Ways Affect the Blood?

Beverly Rubik for Weston A Price Foundation

Are you one of those people that notice you do fine on bacon but don’t feel so great on pork?

This article discusses the results of a study that used live blood analysis to measure how pork prepared in various ways affects the blood. 

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Meat Matters – Making the case for a valuable food in a hostile environment

Frédéric Leroy, Frits Heinrich, Michael RF Lee & Kim Willems
  • There is an ongoing trend towards unbalanced communications and anti-meat militancy in media and academic and policy circles
  • Minimising livestock beyond a critical threshold may come with unintended harmful effects on nutrient security, ecosystems, and livelihoods
  • The ‘Dublin Declaration of Scientists on the Societal Role of Livestock’ serves as petition for pragmatism, caution, and evidence-based policies

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