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The Big Fat Surprise

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

Nina Teicholz

The Big Fat Surprise is a great book revealing the poor science and conflicts of interest that result in the nutrition misinformation that appears in news headlines and on food packaging that I speak of in my blog posts.

Carnivore Cure

Carnivore Cure: Meat-Based Nutrition and the Ultimate Elimination Diet to Attain Optimal Health

Judy Cho

Carnivore Cure is a comprehensive  and extremely well researched book that provides extensive nutritional information and evidence-based support for following a meat-based lifestyle.

The Carnivore Diet

The Carnivore Diet

Shawn Baker MD

The Carnivore Diet includes everything you need to know about the carnivore diet. It is an easy read, yet backed with the science.

Common Sense Labs

Common Sense Labs: Blood Labs Demystified

Dr Ken D Berry & Kim Howerton

Common Sense Labs is an easy to follow yet comprehensive look at basic blood work, putting the power of health back in your hands.

The Dietitian's Dilemma

The Dietitian’s Dilemma: What Would You Do if Your Health Was Restored by Doing the Opposite of Everything You Were Taught?

Michelle Hurn RD

The Dietitian’s Dilemma is a great book revealing why our health is failing and why the nutrition guidelines are not being updated with the latest science.⁠

Michelle Hurn is a Registered Dietitian who has had the guts to speak up about our outdated nutrition guidelines that are doing nothing to improve our health and are only making things worse. ⁠

Michelle advocates a low-carb, animal-based diet for physical and mental health. She shares her own story about her journey from sickness back to health, her observations with her patients, as well as personal testimonies from people who have been able to improve their health on a low-carb, animal-based diet. ⁠

From eating disorders and depression to diabetes and heart disease, there is something in this book for everyone!⁠

It is an easy read and yet covers enough of the science to back everything up.

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Do I Really Need to Worry about my Cholesterol?

Dr Bret Scher

Dr Bret Scher is a low carb cardiologist, and his views on cholesterol are worth a read.

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Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat.

L Amber O’Hearn

The Facultative Carnivore
How choosing a diet of exclusively meat–not plants!–can restore your health.

Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat. is an online book in progress, available free.

The Fatburn Fix

The Fatburn Fix: Boost Energy, End Hunger, and Lose Weight by Using Body Fat for Fuel

Catherine Shanahan MD

In The Fatburn Fix, Dr Catherine Shanahan presents the science showing how our bodies do not recognise industrially produced vegetable oils as food and how instead of being used for energy they accumulate in our body fat causing many health issues and an inability to lose weight. 

The Great Cholesterol Myth

The Great Cholesterol Myth, Revised and Expanded: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease—and the Statin-Free Plan that Will

Jonny Bowden PhD & Stephen Sinatra MD

The Great Cholesterol Myth presents the science that busts all the cholesterol myths:

Myth: High cholesterol is the cause of heart disease
Fact: Cholesterol does not cause heart disease

Myth: High cholesterol is a predictor of heart attack
Fact: There is no correlation between cholesterol and heart attack

Myth: Lowering cholesterol with statins will prolong your life
Fact: Lowering cholesterol does not save lives

Myth: The higher your cholesterol, the shorter you will live
Fact: Higher cholesterol is protective against many diseases

Gut and Physiology Syndrome

Gut and Physiology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Allergies, Autoimmune Illness, Arthritis, Gut Problems, Fatigue, Hormonal Problems, Neurological Disease and More

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD

Not only has Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride packed a huge amount of info into her book Gut and Physiology Syndrome, she has also included a chapter dedicated to the no-plant way of eating.

From Dr Natasha’s website:

“… I have patients who live entirely on … meats, including organ meats, animal fats, meat stock and bone broth, fish (including shell fish …), fish stock, fresh eggs and fermented raw diary – kefir, sour cream, ghee, butter, cheese and yoghurt. In some severe cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease this is the only diet that allows them to be well, to stop all medication, to reach their normal body weight, to remove all digestive symptoms and to function to their full capacity. In severe cases of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions this diet can be a saviour. Some of these people have lived on this diet for 2 years or longer and have no desire to change their eating habits… Some of them tried to add a little vegetable or fruit to their regimen and found that their symptoms started returning, so they had to stop. So, based on my clinical experience I have no doubt that human beings can live very healthily without plant foods at all.

“Living entirely on animal foods is not new on our planet. One of the healthiest group of traditional (so-called primitive) people in the world … were Masai people in Africa who ate no plant matter at all. They are nomadic people travelling with their cattle … They eat meat, organ meats, milk and sour milk and they drink the blood of their bulls. When they were asked why they don’t eat fruit found in their habitat, they laughed and answered that fruit was food for their cows. These people had … no heart disease, no cancer, no degenerative conditions, their childbirth was easy and healthy, their bodies were trim and muscular, their life span was long and they had beautiful healthy teeth. Apart from perfect physical health these people were intelligent, joyful, peaceful, friendly and happy, no psychological problems at all. But when some of them moved to a city and adopted a modern diet, they started getting the same diseases people suffer from in any modern country.”

Lies My Doctor Told Me

Lies My Doctor Told Me Second Edition: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

Ken D Berry MD

In Lies My Doctor Told Me, Dr Ken Berry explains how nutrition is for the most part overlooked in medical school, and what little nutrition information is provided to doctors is outdated. Dr Berry highlights the myths and misinformation that continue to be circulated  by the medical and food industries and how these “lies” are detrimental to our health.

Sacred Cow

Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat: Why Well-Raised Meat Is Good for You and Good for the Planet

Diana Rodgers RD & Robb Wolf

Sacred Cow sheds light on the myths and misconceptions around eating meat. It tackles the subject from an ethical, environmental and nutritional standpoint. I hope this book goes a long way to achieving its goal in raising public awareness about the misleading propaganda around nutrition, ethics and climate change in mainstream media.

Toxic Superfoods

Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick—and How to Get Better

Sally K Norton

I have only just starting reading Sally Norton’s Toxic Superfoods, but I am very familiar with her work. Amazon reviewers are many and rate it at 4.8 out of 5.

Why We Get Sick

Why We Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease—and How to Fight It

Benjamin Bikman PhD

Why We Get Sick breaks down the root cause of our health issues in an easy-to-understand way and provides science-backed solutions that can be implemented immediately.

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