Dr Shawn Baker

The Joe Rogan Experience #1050

Joe Rogan speaks with Dr Shawn Baker, multi-sport world record-setting athlete, physician and author of The Carnivore Diet.

Amber O’Hearn

The Keto Savage Podcast
  • Amber’s background and why she chose a plant-free lifestyle (2:13)
  • Organ meats (5:54)
  • High protein vs high fat (8:56)
  • Protein for muscle vs source of energy (12:54)
  • Fat intake, body composition and hormones (15:35)
  • Protein, fat, satiety, energy levels and metabolic rate (25:07)
  • Caloric intake, energy levels and sleep (37:26)
  • Ketosis and sleep (46:28)
  • Versions of “keto” and types of fat, from stearic acid to lauric acid (50:53)

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