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Pure tallow soap

Being sensitive to coconut oil among other things, I was so happy to find this pure tallow soap from Ireland.

I love it!

I might find one here in New Zealand, and one day I will make my own, but until then, this is it, and postage free!

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Celtic salt

Salt of the Earth is a small family business and a brand I trust.

Their fully mineralised Celtic Sea Salt is ethically sourced and comes in course and finely ground.

Being a wet salt, you can dry it the oven or dehydrator before putting in a grinder or shaker.

If you can’t find this brand in your location, there are other Celtic salts on Amazon.

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Acacia wood salt box

I store my Celtic salt in this box and love it.

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LMNT zero-sugar electrolytes

When starting on carnivore, it is common to lose a lot of water weight, and along with the water, electrolytes. In addition, water along with electrolytes is no longer held in the digestive tract by dietary fibre. Because of this, some find it helpful to supplement salt or a clean electrolyte mix to help support electrolyte balance early on. Over time, many find they no longer need to worry about it.

I personally have not tried LMNT, but if you are going to use an electrolyte mix, this is the brand I would recommend. Choose the Raw Unflavored one as many people are sensitive to stevia and not aware of it.

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Crock-Potยฎ Express Easy Release XL Pressure Multicooker CPE310

This multi-cooker is the number one best appliance I have ever bought! It has enabled me to eat very cheaply on an all-meat diet!

Meals are so quick: pressure-cooked mince (ground beef), lamb necks, oxtail and other cheap cuts.

And of course bone broth.

This particular one has a stainless steel inner pot, which I love.

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BioChef Arizona Sol 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

I love this dehydrator. Not too noisy, and stainless steel trays that can go in the dishwasher.

So far I have made Dr Shawn Baker’s carnivore crack (dried meat crisps, aka biltong/jerky).

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ADVWIN meat slicer

For the price of this slicer, I couldn’t be happier!

Definitely does the job. I use it to make Dr Shawn Baker’s carnivore crack (dried meat crisps, aka biltong/jerky).

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Leftover-loaded broth & chuck eye steak
Leftover-loaded broth & chuck eye steak. Photo courtesy of Cary Kelly on ๐•

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