Step away from the alkaline water!

12 February 2021

Do you drink alkaline water? Do you use antacids or baking soda for heartburn?⁠

If you do any of these, please STOP!⁠

Not only are you impairing your digestion, but you are also lowering your defence against pathogens.⁠

Here’s why…⁠

Our stomach needs to sit at a pH of between 1.5 and 3.0 to be able to digest food properly. ⁠

If the stomach is too alkaline (higher than 3.0), food will sit there for longer than it should and ferment. The result is the body’s inability to absorb the nutrients contained within the food as well as symptoms such as⁠

  • Bloating⁠
  • Heartburn⁠
  • Gas⁠

This pH range of the stomach is also required to kill pathogens in food.⁠

⁠But what about heartburn?⁠

There is a common misconception that heartburn is caused from too much stomach acid. In fact, the opposite is true! When stomach acid is too low, the lower oesophageal sphincter can open, allowing the stomach acid to rise up into and burn the oesophagus. ⁠

Taking antacids or baking soda for heartburn is the last thing you want to do. Sure it might give you temporary relief by neutralising the acid that has leaked up into your oesophagus, but then it moves down into your stomach neutralising the acid there, impairing digestion and reducing your defence against pathogens. ⁠

⁠The alkaline diet is a fad too⁠

⁠Your body maintains blood pH levels within a tight range (pH 7.35–7.45). It has to! If it didn’t, you would require urgent medical treatment! ⁠

Ah but meat is acidic in the body and vegetables alkalise it! Not true! Your body knows exactly how to use the components of foods to maintain its blood pH at any given time. The pH of the urine might change due to different foods, but that is a direct result of the body doing its job maintaining blood pH and has no impact on your health. The alkaline diet used as a means to alkalise the blood and prevent disease has no basis in science whatsoever!⁠

Most people don’t realise that a strongly alkaline substance is as caustic as a strongly acidic one! The two extremes of the pH scale are equally as harsh! You do not want to alkalise your blood! ⁠

Watch The Alkaline Myth & Hype:

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