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Action steps to help fight against the war on meat

The future of meat and our freedom to eat it is at stake. Take action to fight back.

Read C40 document

1. Understand what we are up against

Read this C40 report and see what the “powers that be” have in store for our future: no meat, no dairy, and it doesn’t stop there!

Share this report far and wide!

2. Sign this petition whether you are in Ireland or not

Stop the Irish Government's proposal to cull 200,000 cows!

3. Tell Congress: Reform corrupt Checkoff Programs

Tell Congress to reform corrupt Checkoff Programs

4. Sign this petition: Scrap the Farming Tax

Scrap the Farming Tax

5. Sign this petition

Achieve equitable pricing of methane emissions for farmers

Donate via GiveSendGo

6. Please Help Maggie the Rancher!

Maggie, an 82-year-old rancher from Canada, is in trouble!  With soaring hay prices, she is unable to afford to winter her animals and is faced with losing half of her herd in order to afford feed for the rest, or selling off even more of her land, which is a desperate option. Losing half her herd means that it will take years to rebuild, and she will suffer further hardships due to further reduced income.

7. Demand removal of restrictions on farmers selling their own meat

a) Watch the 1-minute video.

b) See also, this 4-part post:

c) If you don’t know who your US representative as well as both of your US senators are, find them here.

d) Check they are on the list of current sponsors of the H.R.2814 – PRIME Act.

e) If they are not, contact them (find their contact details here) and urge them to sign on to the H.R.2814 – PRIME Act.

See also this short, simple article explaining the PRIME Act.

View post

8. Keep the Feds from forcing ranchers to chip cattle and bison

Read and listen to this.

If you don’t know who your US representative is, find them here.
Sign the pledge

9. New Zealand farmer? Boycott the Government-mandated Farm Plans

Sign the pledge to boycott the Government-mandated Farm Plans, which are rolling out first in Southland and Waikato, before being implemented nationwide.

Even if Farm Plans hasn’t yet come to your area, you can sign the pledge in solidarity with those already facing them.

Join the Methane Science Accord campaign

10. Call for ZERO taxing of ruminant methane (New Zealand)

Join the website. They need numbers so they can get political parties to show their hand on methane tax policy and allow you to make an informed vote come 14 October.

Please spread the word to your family, friends and networks.

11. Buy direct from farms

Save our farmers & ranchers!

Worldwide, they are being forced out of business.

Help them by buying direct!

Photo courtesy of Daniel Clark on 𝕏

12. Share this page!

Want to do more?

Help spread the word that meat is healthy and not bad for the environment

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