What is health to you?

17 January 2021

What is health to you?⁠

If you are someone who makes physical fitness a priority in your life, you might think of health as maintaining an ideal weight, feeling fit, and having muscular tone, physical strength and stamina. ⁠

Other people you know, however, might perceive health differently. For example, someone with cancer might describe health as being in remission, or someone with arthritis might view health as feeling well regardless of their disease. ⁠

Someone else you know might view health as a reserve that would allow them to recover quickly from a cold, while another might view health as energy and vitality and the ability to complete day-to-day tasks. ⁠

Someone else you know might view health in terms of function. For example, an older person who no longer takes movement for granted might view health as being able to dress independently or being able to partake in exercise.⁠

There might be someone you know who views health in terms of social relationships. An older person might view health as being able to help others, while a younger person might view health as spending time with family.⁠

Lastly, someone else you know might view health in terms of their mental state and the happiness they feel.⁠

So, there are varying perspectives and definitions of health. Regardless of our own personal view of health, health is a complex concept. More on that later! 

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About Tira

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