You are entirely up to you

4 February 2021

Do you ever feel like a particular situation or person is holding you back from achieving your goals?⁠

I’m sure all of us have felt this at some point in our lives. I know I have! ⁠

Sometimes, it is hard to make a dietary or lifestyle change when the people you love most or spend the most time with are not interested in sharing your journey. ⁠

Sadly, I hear stories where someone’s spouse or partner even appears to sabotage their efforts in making positive change.⁠

It can be difficult, that is for sure, but it is not impossible to overcome.⁠

A good coach or support group, or even a good friend, can give you the support you need to stay on track. Once you take your focus off of getting support from where you are not currently getting it, you will be open to seeing where you can get it.⁠

While I’m sure there are moments in your life where you think things are impossible, there is always something you can do, and that could mean asking for help.⁠

You just have to remember you are entirely up to you. 

Have you ever felt held back by a situation or person? How did you overcome it?

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About Tira

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