Your symptoms are not normal

11 February 2021

For the body’s cells, organs, and systems to function properly, they need to be in constant communication with each other. Such communication systems include blood (carrying hormones, nutrients, and immune markers) and nerves. ⁠

Blocking factors (stressors due to our diet and lifestyle) interfere with these lines of communication. Malfunction in the body’s cells, organs, and systems then occurs. ⁠

Given time, symptoms may occur.⁠

The type of symptoms or where in the body they occur doesn’t really matter. For example, take the autoimmune condition psoriasis. The symptoms appear on the skin and yet are a result of gut malfunction.⁠

In many cases symptoms may not even appear at all. You might think a particular food or glass of wine is not having an adverse affect, but you cannot be sure. ⁠

Bottom line: Symptoms can take a long time to appear, or may not ever appear, but when they do, it is a sure sign of malfunction at a cellular, organ, or system level. ⁠

The medical model uses relief care (pills, topical lotions or surgery), which focuses on treating symptoms. Although symptoms may go away or decrease with this type of care, if the underlying malfunctions have not been addressed, the symptoms often come back with a vengeance.⁠

Corrective care works at removing the dietary and lifestyle stressors that have led to the malfunction. The symptoms have not directly been addressed, but because the malfunction has been corrected, they disappear of their own accord. ⁠

Symptoms are not normal⁠

⁠Although symptoms are common, they are not normal! Your symptoms might be common for your age, for example, but they should never be considered normal. ⁠

When you experience symptoms, what form of health care do you consider first? Relief or corrective?⁠

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